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Book Reviews & Personal Responses to Inner Riches -

An Autistic Woman's Story of Love & Motherloss, by author Michelle Dorothy Riksman.

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When my mother died, I could not be advised within my grief, for I knew grief and nothing else. I needed to collapse into a story that expressed the depth of the pain, and the love that I was feeling. When I couldn't find such a story, I started writing, and now I feel as though I have written the book that I desperately wanted to read when my mother died. It is humbling to receive such heartfelt responses from people, both on and off the autism spectrum, who have been personally, and in some cases, profoundly touched by the telling of our story.

Michelle Dorothy Riksman

(autistic author)

from the author:

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It's been almost 11 years since

my mum left my side.


This book has helped me realise that I have spent too long trying to learn how to live without her that I had stopped honouring my powerful and deep connection to her. I had put away her things so I could "move on" but now all I want to do is surround myself with everything that connects me to her. I miss her terribly, and had lost myself by trying to find out who I am without her. I am who I am because of her, with or without her by my side....I am proud to be my mother's daughter. I am not motherless. I have experienced Mother-loss. It has left a deep and gaping wound on my heart, but from now on I will honour her, and fill the void, by living the life she would wish for me.


Rachel L Davis.



I think what you're

bringing forward

is most important,

that with hypersensitivity, there is deep connection.

Dr Melanie Purcell.


Giving Voice to Grief

"This book has helped people

from all walks of life, of all ages,

to those on and off the autism spectrum.

In the western world we don't

"do" grief well. This book gives us

permission to grieve by giving grief a voice."


Dr Sonia Anderson.


You Are

So Inspiring.

Thank You.

Babette Philp

(non - autistic)

Michelle Takes Love to a New Level

Michelle Brenner


Oh, I loved that Book!!

Amazon Customer







Dr Melanie Purcell.


Your book is exactly what I need to read. I've got Alexithemia, and you describe all the feelings in such a beautiful and heartfelt manner. It's relatable. What a wonderful talent you have with words. Thank you.

This book is helping me as a person

and as an autie with feeling-issues.

I just finished

inner riches,

and all I can say is,


What a beautiful

and wonderful story

by a brilliant and

talented writer.

Janet Kent


Ari Saint James


Your Relationship

with your Mother

was Fusionnel.

Anlor Davin


Michelle Puts Grief into the Lexicon

Joan McCarthy.


Michelle Dorothy Riksman. I have been meaning to message you every single day to tell you how much I am LOVING your book!!!! You are a gifted story teller.

This book is an amazing and wonderful read. I look forward to reading it every single night. I really, really hope you write another one!

Sharon Thorndike


Ari Saint James


I'm crying myself through your book right now. My dad passed away just before Xmas and I've been reading your book since then. You are able to write what I can't. Your journey with your mum is very similar to mine. His cremation and funeral was yesterday.

I've just reached the same spot in the book. It's breaking me.....wonderfully written. I had to just take a crying break.......

Thank you for writing this book. It's my companion right now.

I Could Not Put This Book Down!

(Grandmother of an autistic Grandson)

Inner Riches - An Autistic Woman's Story of Love

& Motherloss has a five star rating on amazon.

(Available in eBook or paperback).

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