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Author and Artist Michelle Dorothy Riksman captures nature's simple miracles and Australia's Flora and Fauna through an Autistic Lens - Native Plant - Leptospermum (Tea Tree)

I'm Obsessed With This Weeping Native !

What a soft spot I have for this particular native that grows around two metres tall. Though it only flowers for about three and a half weeks, the lead-up to its blooming period in Spring is exciting. The anticipation of those prolific white buds bursting into flower is a visual stim for me. The Cardwell is hardy with a graceful weeping habit and produces masses of white flowers that boast a snow-like effect, especially when mass planted. I eagerly await their show every year. That’s why I am blessed with twenty-three of these durable beauties on my property! My local nurseryman affectionately remembers me as the “Cardwell Lady” when he sees me, so what does that say about how much I love this native! 

Michelle Dorothy Riksman

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