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The most rewarding gift autism

offers me is my deep and

abiding gratitude for the

simplicities of life.

Hi, and welcome to Simple Miracle Photography. I’m Michelle. I was born during the 1970s in Belmont NSW Australia to parents, Ellen and Hank Riksman. “You shot out like a bullet,” maintained my mother of my birth. I couldn’t wait to start living! Nothing has changed in that regard. I still enjoy a unique zest for life. As a melanoma survivor, and having endured the passing of loved ones, I have realised all the more how valuable each moment truly is. So, when I’m not happily capturing the adorable faces of your beloved pets across Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley, I am writing, gardening, or photographing the beauty that surrounds me. Marvelling, in other words, at nature’s simple miracles.

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Dog Breeds of Australia (Calendar) 

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Dog Breeds of Australia, twice.











Haje Jan Kamps

Photographer Mad Professor | Producer | Author and Editor of Photography books | Senior Producer at five the British TV Channel | Freelance Writer and Editorial Consultant says:

"Wow. I am very impressed by Michelle’s images. I particularly enjoy the one with the fur in it.

Glorious macro shots."


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